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Private healthcare is fast becoming a preferred option for most people with different health issues. This also applies to private dental practices. Most private dental clinics offer advanced treatment and care compared to NHS dental clinics.

If you have decided to visit a private dental clinic for treatment, you need to consider clinics with qualified staff offering the best dental health services. You also need to consider a clinic with the best and latest equipment.

When you opt to receive dental care from a private dental practice, do not settle for a dental clinic that offers you only the necessary treatment to handle your dental issues, but lookout for a private practice offering several choices. A good private dental practice will always provide their patients with different types of dental services.

Why is choice important?

When you want to visit a dental practice for treatment in London, you have the option of a dentist from the NHS and a private dentist, so you would need to choose the type of service offered to you.

The NHS does not offer cosmetic dental treatments. You cannot get a treatment on the NHS that is not clinically necessary but only aims to improve your appearance. Private dental practices offer general dental treatments like the NHS but also has several other choices.

An NHS dentist works on a strict schedule, and the duration of an appointment is for a specific number of minutes, but, private dentists offer longer appointment time, and this allows you to discuss your dental issues and treatment plan in detail. With a private dentist, you also have the time for a casual chat, which helps nervous patients to feel more relaxed.

Having a choice is important because most people have busy schedules and would prefer to book an appointment at a suitable time which may not be possible on the NHS. The opportunity to choose is also important because people want to receive proper care and in private dental clinics, this is possible with the advanced treatments offered.

Choosing your dentist is also essential when it comes to dental cosmetic services. Although the NHS regards any treatment that aims to improve the appearance as clinically unnecessary, this may not always be the case. A relationship between mental and oral health exists, and people should be able to improve the look of their teeth if they choose to because the appearance of your teeth affects your confidence level and smile. For most persons, their oral health affects their performance at work.

Services offered by a private dentist

A major difference between a private and NHS dentist is that your private dentist will always consider your appearance before recommending a treatment plan for you, and this allows you to undergo a cosmetic dental procedure.

Cosmetic dentistry is a part of dentistry that aims to improve the appearance and sometimes functionality of the gums, bite or teeth. A cosmetic dental procedure can improve the aesthetics of the teeth by altering the shape, size, position, alignment, colour and overall appearance of the smile. Cosmetic dentistry sometimes goes alongside orthodontics.

Different dentists have their strengths and offer some excellent treatments. For some dentists, lack of the latest technology prevents them from providing certain services. However, good private dentists should provide the following dental services and treatments.

Same-day implants

Dental implants help to improve the smile, and for most persons, it boosts their self-confidence. On the NHS, you can only get dental implants only if the loss of your teeth affects your health. An NHS dentist will access your teeth, and if they think treatment is clinically unnecessary, you may have to live with gaps between your teeth. Sometimes, the NHS offers unattractive replacement of damaged teeth.

Most private dental practices provide dental implants, but the process of getting the implant may take a lot of time, which means that you may have to deal with gaps between your teeth for a while before you get the implants and this can make you self-conscious.

However, same-day implants offer you the option of having temporary artificial, but natural-looking teeth fitted on the same day as your dental implants fitting. You can use temporary teeth for about three months. During this time, your mouth will heal from the placement of the implant, and then your dentist can fit the permanent teeth.

Fitting same-day implants is usually painless, and most people are suitable for it. They are also less expensive compared to traditional implants.

Clear aligners

Treatment with braces usually scares most persons because it leaves them with a metal-looking mouth throughout their treatment. People who want their teeth straightened but are scared of going through the pain of having metal brackets gradually moving the teeth can use clear aligners.

Clear aligners move the teeth like braces, but they are more aesthetic, different types of clear aligners are available like Invisalign and Smilelign. Every dentist has a preferred brand of clear aligners offered to their patients.

6 month smiles

The 6-month smile is an orthodontic treatment, which offers you improved teeth appearance within a short time. 6-months smile works like braces, but they are virtually invisible and uses material that speeds up treatment. It is suitable for people who want to straighten their teeth within a short while without the treatment interfering with their normal activities.

All-on-4 dental implants

This type of implant is an advanced dental treatment that lets you replace decayed, broken or damaged teeth due to gum disease on one arch with only four dental implants. The dentist surgically places the four implants in the jaw then places artificial crowns on it.

At Fulham Dental Centre, we offer all the dental services listed above and several other dental procedures. You can contact us on 0207 385 6532 or info@fulhamdentalcentre.co.uk to book an appointment for any dental treatment.

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