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No one is exempted from dental emergencies; they are prevalent. The most common dental emergency you will experience is a toothache. The pain can be very extreme, and may not stop until you visit a dentist. Depending on the situation, a dental emergency can affect your life in every aspect. At Fulham Dental Centre, we offer urgent dental treatment for emergency cases on the same day, so that the patients can find relief.

Some emergency dental situations that require urgent attention are:

  • Toothache
  • Dental abscess
  • Swelling
  • Broken dentures
  • Loose crown
  • Fractured
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How our emergency dentists help to ease pain

Immediately you contact us at Fulham Dental Centre, we will provide you with a dentist that will evaluate your oral situation and offer you the needed advice on how to manage the case.

Above that, from the result of the evaluation, we will suggest the most suitable treatment and educate you on the available options. Our dentist will go ahead to tell you about the treatment, how it can help you relieve the symptoms and eventually treat the condition.

When you have accepted to receive this treatment, we will immediately start working on the procedure. The emergency dentist in our facility works with equipment with the latest technology to carry out a wide range of dental treatments. We carry out every dental treatment and procedure in a safe, comfortable, and serene environment.

Why patients prefer us during an emergency

Are you thinking of where to go during an emergency? We are here for you; a lot of patients trust our caring hands and minds. Now, here are a few of those reasons these patients never stop relying on us for total dental wellness:

  • Our dental practice offers round the clock emergency dental services in Fulham. Our treatment for every kind of dental emergency is effective and highly efficient, and we know how to choose the most suitable treatment for all our patients.
  • We know that patients with an emergency cannot spare as much time as they would with regular cases, so we devise new plans to fasten up their treatment.
  • We extend our welcoming hands to even the most nervous patient at our dental care. But before we offer them treatment, we put them at ease. Our serene and comfortable environment and health team make achieving this to be very simple.
  • Our dentist and dental health team are highly qualified with many years of experience.
  • We offer all our dental treatment at very affordable prices.

Same-day dental appointment from Fulham Dental Centre

Your health is vital, so you do not need to go and come back. That is why we have provided you with our 24 hours emergency dental treatment. You can contact us at any time of the day, and be rest assured that our experts will arrive and help you get rid of that pain and discomfort.

We take even the tiniest emergency cases and offer a same-day appointment for them. We are also open to patients that book online for an emergency appointment.

Are you having some dental discomfort and pain? Let our dentist treat you immediately.
Contact us with 0207 385 6532 or info@fulhamdentalcentre.co.uk.

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