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Losing one or more of your teeth negatively affects your self-confidence. If for any reason you lose your teeth, you don’t have to subject yourself to living with gaps between your teeth. Dental implants enable you to either get permanent or fixed dental restoration to replace your missing teeth.

At Fulham Dental Centre, you can get dental implants and natural-looking teeth. We also offer our patients all-on-4 dental implants which enables them to replace all the missing teeth on one arch during one visit.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are artificial teeth roots, made with biocompatible and durable titanium. They create a strong foundation for fitting artificial teeth and other dental restoration. When our dentist places the implant, it fuses with the natural bone to create an anchor for the dental prosthetics. The fusion process is known as osseointegration. Depending on your preference, you can get a bridge, full arch or crown fitted on the implant.

Dental implants have been in use as dental treatment for over thirty years, and have experienced different innovations since its introduction. Dental implants are safe, and their success rate is very high. They are also durable and can last as long as the natural teeth if you engage in good oral hygienic practices.

For your dental implants to last long, you also need to visit your dentist regularly for cleaning and check-ups, just as you would with your natural teeth. With a healthy jawbone, your implants should remain in place for decades.

Benefits of dental implants

Dental implants restore your teeth and natural smile, and this helps to enhance your appearance. Having a perfect smile also boosts your self-confidence and social life. Dental implants feel and look like the natural teeth, plus they last as long as the natural teeth.

A dentist places the implants in your jaw for it to integrate and form a strong base for your dental restoration, so your implants serve as a supporting structure and the root of the dental prosthetics. Since dental implants serve as the teeth root, they help prevent bone loss and effects of a sagging face.

The success rate of dental implants procedure is about 95%. This is higher than other dental treatments for replacing a missing tooth. Most people consider dental implants as the best solution for replacing missing teeth.

Types of dental implants


Single tooth replacement

It is a simple type of dental implant, and the procedure for placement is simple. It involves our dentist placing one implant in your jaw then fitting a crown on it to replace a missing tooth.


Multiple teeth replacement

In this case, the dentist will place two dental implants in your jawbone, which would support a bridge, and this helps to cover the space in your teeth caused by missing teeth. For dental implant-supported bridges, you do not need filing down of the neighbouring teeth to accommodate the bridges, but this is required for the placement of the traditional bridges.


Full arch replacement

You can get a full arch replacement for your missing teeth in place of dentures. For a full arch replacement, you can use only four implants (all-on-4) to support the full-arch bridge. With this, you do not need to get an implant for each missing tooth. Full arch implants are a better alternative to dentures.


Denture improvement

You may opt for implants to support your dentures. This is a cost-effective option, and it involves a few implants to keep your implants in place permanently. With this treatment option, you do not have to worry about gum irritation from using adhesives to secure your dentures or leave in fear of your dentures coming off at a wrong time.

All-on-4 dental implants

At Fulham Dental Centre, we offer all-on-4 dental implants to help you get your perfect smile in one day. This treatment option involves the dentist fitting four implants and attaching a dental restoration to it during one dental visit.

With all-on-4 dental implants, you can get fully functional and natural-looking teeth. Before you get an all-on-4 dental implant, our dentist will examine your teeth and gums to know if they are healthy enough for the placement of the implant.

Caring for your dental implant

Before you get your implants, the dentist will advise you on how to care for the implants to prevent implant failure and, falling out of the implant. Our dentists would also help you prevent oral diseases, and keep both your jawbone and gum healthy by giving you bespoke care tips for the implants at home. You also need to schedule regular cleaning appointments with our professional dental hygienist.

Dental air abrasion

At our dental clinic, we provide our patients with advanced air abrasion dental cleaning. We use a powerful flow of aluminium oxide particles to lift dental decays and stains gently without drilling the teeth. Dental air abrasion cleaning reaches areas of the mouth that normal teeth cleaning cannot, and it prepares the teeth for implant placement and whitening.

If you have one missing tooth or more than one is missing, contact us today on 0207 385 6532 to book an appointment for your dental implant placement.

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