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Dental Check-up Fulham at North End Road

Who wants to have a healthy smile every day, all year round? If you’re in, then visit us at Fulham Dental Centre for dental checks at least two times in a year.

We offer general dental checks which involve diagnosis and bespoke preventive advice. Should the diagnosis detect an issue, you can get treatments like veneers, bridges, root canals, dental crowns, fillings and much more if they will help maintain a healthy mouth.

It doesn’t matter if you’re seeking our service privately or on the NHS, it’s the same great care we provide. Like to know how much our services cost? Contact us on 0207 385 6532.

When your dentist has affirmed that your dental health is in good condition, you might want to know what range of cosmetic treatment we provide.

Check these out:


Dental fillings

For most cases, we recommend white fillings, also known as composites. Cracks and cavities can be fixed with this technique, and you can get a colour of fillings that matches your teeth. White fillings involve minimal drilling, employs bio-compatible and safe materials which bond to your original teeth. This option is very popular and durable.


Inlays and Onlays

Where a simple filling cannot correct a tooth decay or damage, inlays and onlays come in handy to provide an aesthetic and minimally invasive solution. This laboratory-made tooth restoration is a perfect fit for spaces caused by decay or damage. It restores the natural look and function of your teeth.


Root canal

For large cavities and tooth breakage, a root canal is ideal. It involves taking out the sensitive dental pulp in the tooth and filling up space with a material known as gutta-percha – that keeps infection at bay. This proves to be a better alternative to taking out the entire tooth as protecting the natural tooth keeps the jaw in shape. Root canal in recent times is very advanced and painless.


Dental crowns

For decayed, damaged, cracked, and a weak tooth from root canal treatment, dental crowns are more suitable as it restores the strength and appearance of your teeth. They’re laboratory-made from dental impressions and covers your current teeth with a protective and more natural restoration.


Dental bridges

Just like the name implies, this treatment bridges the gap created by missing teeth. Made in the lab using impressions, bridges are held in position using a crown. This dental treatment offers a good number of perks, including boosting aesthetic look, supporting jaw structure, and more.


Tooth removal

This option is only considered when all other options prove unsuitable. It’s our last option! After explaining all you should know about this procedure, only with your consent, will our experienced dentist take out your teeth. Aftercare support is assured at our practice.



Dentures are the conventional fix for single or multiple missing teeth. However, modern-day dentures are produced from more comfortable and lightweight materials. You need to remove dentures for cleaning and at bedtime. Here, we offer implant-retained denture – a more permanent solution.

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