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Private Cosmetic Dental Dentures in Fulham

If you have one or more teeth missing, then dentures are your best option. Dentures are made of hard-wearing materials and look just like the natural teeth would. They fit snugly on your gums, as you can wear them all the time, including when you are eating or drinking, however, you can take them out whenever you want to clean them.

You may feel uncomfortable when wearing them for the first time. With time, however, you will get used to wearing them when eating, speaking or chewing. Your dentist will also show you how to take care of your dentures and your gums once you get them.


Types of dentures

Two types of dentures can be administered to any patient who needs it. They are the partial dentures and the complete dentures.


Partial dentures

As the name implies, it is a denture for the replacement of just one or more missing teeth in one arch but not the complete upper or lower jaw.


Complete dentures

These are dentures that are used to replace missing teeth in an entire arch or jaw of teeth. It has been constructed in a way that it sits on the gums of the upper jaw or the lower jaw.

Dental Denture Materials

As stated earlier, dentures are made of hard-wearing materials. A few of the materials used to produce dentures include the following

Cobalt chrome

Dentures made from this thin material are usually known for maintaining strength and stability in the gums. When fitted into the gums, they remain stable, and by the help of the clasps on the supporting teeth around the missing point, they can retain their position.


This is the most common material used for the production of dentures. They are increasingly common because it can be easily adjusted, repaired or replaced as much as needed. Although this material is relatively thin, it is not as thin as cobalt chrome.

Flexible dentures

These dentures are made from flexible materials. Besides their flexibility, they also offer a natural look and feel and are incredibly lightweight.

Cost and maintenance

Getting a denture can be quite expensive. Its cost equally depends on the dentist you are working with. However, before you get dentures, know that the price of a partial denture is different from a full or complete denture. Nonetheless, the cost of a partial denture ranges from £550 – £700, while that of a complete denture is about £600 – £750. Get in touch with our dentists at Fulham Dental Centre London. We will help you get the right denture that fits your budget and your lifestyle.

Your dentures can last as long as possible when they are well taken care of. At Fulham Dental Centre London, we will tell you all about the specialised brushes used for the cleaning of dentures.

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How can dentures help you?

Dentures can influence your general well-being and dental health when appropriately fitted. For starters, a well-fitted denture will improve your facial structure and provide support to your jaws, making it easier to eat, speak and carry out other activities done with the mouth.

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