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About Us (Fulham Dental Centre)

Here at Fulham Dental Centre, we offer a myriad of treatment that meet patients need. From regular dental checks to comprehensive treatment, we provide whatever it is that’s required to keep your dental health in tip-top condition.

Here’s what we provide:

Outstanding and bespoke treatment for dental issues

Comprehensive details of treament procedure including the cost

At our practice, you will always get:

Well detailed information

It has been our practice to always carry outpatients along in the course of providing any form of treatment. This is why our dentist will explain every step of the procedure and paint a clear picture of it so you can understand better. We do encourage patients to ask questions during the consultation for more clarification as your best interest is our priority.

Other treatment options

For dental issues that have more than one type of treatment method, our dentist will lay them bare so you can decide on which one is suitable for you, but based on their experience and expertise. This is because one dental treatment that works for a particular oral concern may still have some issues that may not be found in another treatment for the same issue.

Clear pricing

If there is anything our patients love most about our practice, it is our transparent pricing system. There are no surprise or hidden charges as what we put there is what you’ll have to pay.

Value-oriented dental services

We aim to keep meeting and to exceed the expectations of our patients by providing premium quality dental services at competitive rates. We’ve been able to achieve this, thanks to our advanced dental technology, facilities, and a strong team of the finest dental experts in the industry. When it comes to diagnostic testing and treatment, you can be sure of the best outcome, and we offer a 1-year warranty on all our works.

From 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday, our dental practice is open for business. You can reach us to schedule an appointment by calling 0207 385 6532.

We are always available to call during business hours for any emergency and provide same-day treatment.

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