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Invisalign I7 Treatment Fulham

Invisalign has been recognised as one of the most popular treatment choices for dental problems. There are some orthodontic problems like minor spacing, orthodontic relapse or minor crowding, that are too minor to be treated with Invisalign clear aligners. In such cases, the most appropriate treatment option would be the use of Invisalign i7.

Points to note about Invisalign i7

There are a few significant points to note about this type of Invisalign. These points include the following outlined below

  • Invisalign i7 uses the same clear aligners as with all other types of Invisalign treatment braces. This means they are almost invisible to others
  • Invisalign i7 comes in a series of seven clear aligners. The number of aligners can be increased if treatment is not completed after the required time
  • Results from Invisalign i7 can be seen in just three months
  • There is an option for partial treatment using Invisalign i7 to improve your smile even when you can’t attain the complete treatment using the seven aligners
  • Invisaligni7 includes Clincheck treatment plan and smart features like Power ridge and Optimised Attachments designed to achieve predictable results.
  • It uses a procedure that is simple for patients by treating them from first premolar to first premolar without the need for A – P correction
  • It allows you to switch over to other types of Invisalign like Teen, Lite or full before the Clincheck acceptance

Reasons why you should choose Invisalign i7

Do you have a minor dental problem and you do not know which treatment plan to go for? Below are solid reasons why Invisalign i7 is right for you.

  • The treatment time for Invisalign i7 is relatively short, and this makes it an excellent choice for people who need minor orthodontic treatment in a short time frame. It is also a good option for people whose teeth have shifted after previous orthodontic treatment, or who have had an orthodontic relapse. To maintain the treatment after it has been completed, you will have to wear retainers daily to maintain a straight smile.
  • Invisalign i7 consists of seven, clear plastic aligners that have been customised for you. These aligners are a hundred per cent safe and BPA free. They are also very comfortable, and although you have to wear them for at least 22 hours daily, they give you the chance to maintain your good dental hygiene as well as enjoy your food and drinks.
  • Besides Invisalign i7, there are other ranges of Invisalign treatment such as Invisalign Teen which is specifically made for teenagers and young people, InvisalignLite and InvisalignFull. Lite is very similar to Invisalign Full; however, the time frame is smaller for Invisalign Lite. All Invisalign treatment provides the same convenient solution.
  • Results of over four million people over the world have shown that Invisalign range provides quality, effective and affordable treatment for misaligned teeth.

Benefits associated with Invisalign i7

Comfort and Appearance Fulham Dental Centre

Comfort and appearance

People tend to feel self-conscious when wearing traditional metal braces with wires and brackets. With Invisalign, there is no need to worry about your appearance. The clear, plastic, and almost invisible braces are very comfortable to wear and cannot be easily spotted by anyone. The material they are made from ensures comfort and no risk of feeling self-conscious.

Easy Maintenances Fulham Dental Centre

Easy maintenance

Invisalign i7 aligners can only be removed when eating, brushing and flossing. This means they cannot get stained, cracked or broken when you are eating. This makes them easy to maintain and does not put them at risk of being damaged.

Quick & Easy Treatment Fulham Dental Centre

Quick and easy treatment

Invisalign i7 is best for people with minor dental problems or orthodontic relapse. Before you even know it, you will begin to see positive results. With Invisalign i7, treatment is complete in as little as 3 months.

Cost of Invisalign i7 Fulham Dental Centre

Cost of Invisalign i7

The cost for Invisalign i7 is dependent on some factors such as time of treatment, location and number of braces. However, the cost of treatment using Invisalign i7 is around £1,300. It can cost more or less, depending on the dentist you visit.

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