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Invisalign Lite Services in North End Road, Fulham

Invisalign Lite is a range of Invisalign treatment braces that offer efficient and effective treatment for misaligned teeth. The Invisalign Lite is an express version of the original Invisalign. It uses the same treatment system; however, it is not for severe cases. Invisalign Lite is used for correcting minor dental or orthodontic problems in short periods.

Benefits of Invisalign Lite


Quicker treatment time

As opposed to the original Invisalign, total treatment time with Invisalign Lite is shorter. Invisalign Lite consists of about 10 to 15 aligners for the completion of treatment. The number of aligners can increase if treatment has not been completed after the stipulated time. Note that, Invisalign Lite is used for the correction of minor dental problems and orthodontic issues.



Just like the original Invisalign braces, the Invisalign Lite braces come in a series of clear, plastic aligners. This allows you to complete your treatment without feeling self-conscious or uncomfortable about the way you look. They shift your teeth back into its right position while remaining invisible to others.



Invisalign Lite offers an effective treatment while ensuring comfort. It does not cause soreness of the teeth or gums when you wear them. As long as you wear them for at least 20 hours daily, you can be sure of a significant result.

How Invisalign Lite works

Invisalign Lite aligners work by gradually shifting your misaligned teeth back into the right position. The clear aligners are bespoke, and this means they are made specifically for you, to fit your teeth at every stage of the treatment. The level of discretion provided by the clear aligners makes it easy for the patient to go about their daily activities without anyone noticing that they are wearing braces.

You are meant to wear the clear aligners for at least 20 hours daily and only take them out when you are eating, flossing, drinking or brushing your teeth. By following the instructions and wearing the braces for the required time daily, you will achieve great results.

Who can use Invisalign Lite?

Whether Invisalign Lite is suitable for you or not, is determined by the dentist. Assessment of your teeth will be carried out professionally by the dentist, after which they will decide if Invisalign Lite would be the suitable treatment for you. If it is, the dentist will proceed to take impressions and specifications of your teeth using X-rays and photography. These impressions will be sent to the Invisalign dental laboratory where your aligners will be created. When your aligners are ready, they will be delivered to you by the dentist, who will explain how the treatment works and how to care for the braces. You are meant to revisit your dentist every 6 weeks to enable them to check on your progress and find out if there are any adjustments to be made.

If Invisalign Lite is not a suitable treatment for you, your dentist will prescribe or recommend the right treatment for you.

Cost of Invisalign Lite treatment

The cost of treatment using Invisalign Lite is cheaper as compared to Invisalign Full. The difference in cost depends on whether refinements are made on the Invisalign Lite or not. Nonetheless, Invisalign Lite is more affordable than Invisalign Full and also requires fewer number of aligners as well as fewer dental visits. In summary, the treatment cost for Invisalign Lite ranges from £1,800 – £3,500.

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