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You may have been hearing about dental crowns but may not know what they are. Well, these are tooth covers or caps that are shaped like a tooth itself and placed over damaged teeth. Dental crowns work by bringing back the size, shape, appearance, and strength of your teeth. We have experts at our practice that can help fix malocclusion with crowns so your teeth can have a more natural shape and of course more strength.

What are the applications of dental crowns?

This dental restoration finds use in many areas of malocclusion, including:
  • It secures a cracked tooth or keeps a weak tooth safe and free from breakage
  • Restores tooth that is seriously worn-out or broken
  • Teeth with large fillings are better covered and supported
  • They keep a denture or bridge in position
  • They provide cover for seriously misaligned or discoloured teeth
  • Provide cover for a tooth that has been fixed using root canal treatment
  • Provide cover for dental implant
  • Enhance teeth aesthetics
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How are dental crowns made?

After examining the tooth to be covered, prep work will be done by the dentist so the crowns can fit properly. To do this, a layer of the outer surface will be taken out to give the inner core more strength. The layer of the tooth taken out will have the same thickness as the crown to be fitted. This is to create a balance.

When the tooth has been carefully shaped, the dentist will make an impression of the prepared tooth, and do so for one of the top or bottom jaw opposite it to make sure your occlusion is correct. Your dentist will proceed to send the impressions taken to the dental lab, including important information like the shade to be used and other details that will be needed. While waiting for the dental technician to make your crowns, your teeth will be fitted with a non-permanent crown to help you achieve regular use of the teeth.

When the crown has been professionally crafted, our dentist will use a special cement or adhesive to adhere it into position. It is this cement that forms a seal that keeps the crown in position.


What’s the duration for the procedure?

To get your crowns correctly done and fitted, you have to see your dentist two times.

In your first dental visit, our expert dentist will prep the tooth, take impressions, identify the shade of your tooth, and fit your teeth with a temporary crown.

At your second visit to the dentist, which is typically 1 to 2 weeks after the first, our dentist will put the permanent crown in place.

If you take excellent care of your dental crowns, they’ll last for several years.


Caring for your crowns

Just like everything else, proper care and maintenance are equal to longevity. So, the same way you would care for your natural teeth, do so for your dental crowns.

Indeed, dental crowns may not decay, but at the margin where they connect with your natural teeth, decay may set in, especially when you are not practising good dental hygiene.

So what should you do? It is straightforward. Ensure you brush your teeth two times every day; one in the morning and at bedtime using fluoride toothpaste that fights germs and bacteria. Cleaning in-between your teeth is also paramount. Use interdental brushes to achieve this.


Dental crowns play a significant role in restoring severely damaged teeth, be it discolouration or misalignment. It also keeps healthy teeth safe and secured.

The procedure doesn’t require too many visits to the dentist; you only visit twice, and the treatment is completed.

Dental crowns also support other treatment like bridges and dentures.

Need further support?

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We provide professional dental crowns treatment for patients with crooked teeth with the aid of high-end modern dental technology and facilities. Our dentists are up-to-date and friendly and have your best interest at heart.

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